Thanks to its high-performance features, the LG HI-MACS® is both aesthetic and practical and offers many advantages compared to other interior cladding. And all of this at a competitive price.

The product range meets specific design requirements. This applies to made-to-measure washstands, signalling panels, as well as counter tops, reception desks, bars, tables, kitchen islands, interior and external wall cladding, hospitals, laboratories and all other applications.

Numerous certificates confirm LG Hi-Macs’ excellent quality.

DIN 4102-1 - class B1 certifies that LG Hi-Macs has a low degree of inflammability. B1 meets European standards in terms of fire resistance.
Warrington Fire - class 0: assesses fire behaviour. The Warrington fire certification has been indexed on the European DIN 4102-1 certificate. Valid for all LG Hi-Macs colours, except volcanic, marmo, and galaxy (not tested).

Hygiene: LGA is required in hospitals and in environments where hygiene is extremely important. LGA assesses maintainability, resistance to bacteria and mould and assesses the quality of the design from a hygienic point of view. Due to its non-porous service, LG Hi-Macs received the ‘hygienic product’ LGA seal of approval.

NFS: NFS standards are universally recognised standards that affect a number of fields and sectors relating to public health. They relate to drinking water treatment, contact materials, and objects used for manufacturing food products, etc. Hi-macs meets NFS standards.

Environment & bsp: ISO 14001: ISO 14000 is a family of standards related to the quality of environmental management. The most recognised certification from this group is ISO 14001. It requires a reduction in the disposal of waste into the environment from clean business and constant improvement of its ecological balance sheet. The objective is to protect and stabilise our environment. This test certifies that the LG Hi-Macs environmental management system meets ISO 14001 standards.

ISO 9001: the set of ISO 9000 standards is related to quality management. It imposes requirements in terms of organisation for an effective quality management system. The ISO 9001 version is the standard that is used as a basis for certification because it contains requirements. It covers 4 major areas:

- management’s responsibility (management is the first to meet requirements)

- quality system (administrative and safeguarding requirements)

- process (identification and management of processes, in order to satisfy the affected parties)

- continual improvement (efficiency oriented towards progress).

LG Hi-Macs meets ISO 9001 standards.

LNE - class M1: LNE tests response capacities to fires. Class M1 certifies that LG Hi-Macs FR is highly resistant to fire. This certificate is recommended in France.